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Cassini, Album Artwork

I did this piece for Jesse James Allen's latest album and tribute to Cassini. The goal of this piece was to create a visual scene of Cassini breaking apart as it dives into the chaotic atmosphere of Saturn. With such little visual reference as to what the inside of Saturn cloud structures are like I had quite a bit of fun with imaging how crazy and turbulent it must be.

"Cassini: A Musical Tribute, is a solo album composed in Orlando and mastered in Hollywood. This album was a full year in the making and it comes out on the 4th of July on all major music platforms. This retro-electronica album is dedicated to the 1997 Cassini–Huygens mission, one of the greatest space missions of all time. It also pays homage to many of the pioneers of electronic music." - (Jesse James Allen)

If you would like to check out the album it is released on many music platforms.

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